Day trip to Ocean City!

This past Saturday, the boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip down to Ocean City.


Welcome to OC!


Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve needed more little adventures in my life. So Friday afternoon, we decided we would make the 3-hour drive (from my house) down to Ocean City before it became senior-week central. We had made some adventures plans to drive down at 2 am so that by the time we got there, we could see the sunrise. But ALAS, my bed called to me louder than the romance.

I’m not sure about you, but car rides to me always seem like a big deal to me. I get drained fairly easy, so the fact that I could sit in the car with someone for 3-hours with roughly 2 hours of sleep and no morning coffee, is a true testament to our relationship.


I haven’t been to Ocean City in years, probably since I was in elementary school. But there is such a life in the city that gets your heart racing and puts a smile on your face. The Cruisin OC event was going on, which if you don’t know, is a car show with over 3,400 old cars. There is live entertainment, a car parade, and a ton of people just loving life. I have never seen such happy individuals, like those at car shows. They always seem so genuine, kind, and happy; cruising around in their hot rod.

The boyfriend being cold

The temperature was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit with a breeze, so we didn’t really plan on getting in the water (although if I thought I could have made it in the cold wind with wet clothes on, I might have gone for it)! We ended up just walking along the boardwalk, peeking into shops, and getting some food (the OC staple- Thrashers french fries) while sitting on the beach.

Sand Art by Randy Hofman
Dragon Kite


Movie in the Making


While walking along though, we got to see some interesting street performers. One of which, was being recorded for a movie (jury is still out on what the film is though). There was some beautiful sand art by Randy Hofman. And as always, there were some killer kites flying around.


Dakota the Macaw outside Carribean Pool Bar & Grill


It got pretty cold, so we ended up going to Carribean Pool Bar & Grill for some drinks and non-french-fries food. You have to walk through the hotel to get to the bar, where you are greeted by Dakota the Macaw, who also hangs out outside at the bar when it’s warmer.


Pool Side Drinks!


Drinks were about 7 bucks for a frozen or mixed drink; so a bit more than I would have paid on a regular day. But it was nice to sit outside, shielded from the wind, and relax for a bit. I can see how this would be a great place to hangout when the beach gets too crowded. There is a public pool open to everyone from the bar, where you can bring your drinks.


We ended up heading back home after drinks and a nibble, bringing home some Fisher’s Popcorn. Which, if you haven’t had, is amazing popcorn!!! You have got to get some if you get the chance! Hopefully, we can go back after senior week, and when it gets a bit warmer out; but for now, I had a great time!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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