Monthly Wrap Up: 5 May Favorites

It seems like just yesterday, my news feed was filled with ramen noodled haired memes of Justin Timberlake telling us that it was May. 


And now June is officially here, with all the school aged kids out for summer break, the pools opening up, and cookouts becoming a weekly occurrence. I thought I would share with you a few of the things I’ve been loving this month.


My all-time favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, but I have never gotten around to reading the novel. So when I made my 2017 Reading Checklist Challenge on Goodreads, I made sure to include a checklist where I could read Gone with the Wind (not that anything was actually keeping me from it). So I ran out, got the book from a local bookstore (FOR THREE BUCKS), and got to work. This book took me a few months, as it’s over a thousand pages, and the font size is really small, but it is an incredible journey. The length of the book allows for character development to gradually happen, providing a more realistic experience. The relationships tear at your heart string till the very last page, and leave you satisfied and wanting so much more all at the same time. And the sheer beauty of the old south makes you want to leap back through time with the detailed descriptions, history, southern drawls, and manners Mitchell injects into every page. It is a shame that the ending isn’t cut and dry (in my opinion), and even more of a shame that Mitchell died before we ever were able to convince her to write a sequel; because this novel is one that stands up to time. Either that or I am a sucker for a good classic.

Food/ Kitchen Appliances 

When I was in school, I would always get myself a fancy little coffee. It isn’t so much the coffee beans that I liked, it was the foamed milk. I am a sucker for foamed milk! Whether it’s in tea, coffee or lattes, some warmed milk and frothy goodness can change my worst mood in a second. Ever since graduating, and missing my delightful little treat, I have been on the hunt for a good milk frother. I’ve tried heating milk and shaking it in a jar, I’ve looked at coffee machines with milk frothers (which cost a fortune), but none of these really worked for me (or my budget). Then I remembered that a few years ago my mom bought a Joy Mangano My Little Mixer from Walmart.

London Fog with Steamed Milk

It has a handheld battery operated base with removable heads (a few different mixer sizes and a milk frother). I couldn’t find the exact same model, but if you search handheld milk frother on Walmart, they have some similar models for less than $10; also the MatchaDNA handheld electric milk frother, which has high ratings and a similar head. The trick is to warm the milk up in the microwave, hold back the foam (to create a steamed milk effect), and then top with the foam. And with this, I’ve been able to have a low cost steamed coffee right here at home (which also means, I can have multiple a day without spending $5 each time).


At the start of May, I went to the store hungry; something anyone on a budget should know better than to do. I had just put some fruit in the cart when I thought I would splurge and get some dip. I ended up picking up some Caramel Dip and Cream Cheese Fruit Dip by Marzetti. AND HOLY CRAP THE CREAM CHEESE FRUIT DIP IS DELICIOUS! It doesn’t taste like cream cheese at all, it tastes like a sweeter, fluffier, thicker whipped cream given to us by the Flavor Gods. It was about $5 at Harris Teater and has lasted me the entire month (and I am not one to limit the amount I eat). Having some with strawberries, cheese, grapes, raspberries, blackberries; this stuff is golden. I had some cherries from the farmers market that had gotten really tart, I cut the cherries up, dipped it in the Marzetti Cream Cheese Fruit Dip, and wouldn’t have known any better. So if you have some fruit/veggies that are about to go off, picky eaters, or a party coming up; I HIGHLY recommend trying some with your spread.


I am a huge cheese lover. I can’t stand American, but I can get on the cheese board (see what I did there) for some gourmet unique cheeses. Unfortunately, where I live good cheese is hard to come by; which is why I was so surprised to find such a good cheese at  Giant Food Store. Westminster England Special Edition Cheddar is apparently a Christmas cheeseboard promotion in the US; its strong, flavorful, and leaves an impact. At Giant Foods it was $5.99 for 7oz, but I have noticed its often on sale for $3.99-4.99. I’m really hoping they don’t get rid of this anytime soon because this cheese is really something special for cheese lovers.

T.V. Shows

Recently the boyfriend gave me his Hulu password to watch Bob’s Burgers since Netflix has ever so rudely removed it from their streaming. And yes I did watch Bob’s Burgers, but I have also found myself HOOKED to Hulu’s new original series “The Handmaid Tales“. The show is based on the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, where the U.S. Government has been overthrown by a totalitarian theocracy. All of a sudden you see women losing their rights and freedoms, the emergence of a whole new feudal-like system, and controversy among nations. The show is captivating unique to other shows on T.V. and makes you think a lot about current conversations and controversy around woman’s rights (particularly in regards to woman’s health) in the United States. There is still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the plot right now, but if you can I would definitely recommend giving it a chance.

If anyone has read the book, let me know if you recommend reading it.

That’s it for this month’s favorites. I have some interesting things on order for next month, so be sure to stick around, subscribe, and follow me on social media for updates.

What have you guys been loving this month?


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