Mask Monday: DIY Charcoal and Glue Mask

It’s been over a month since my last post, which kills me. I was really proud of myself for doing frequent posts, but as it goes, life got crazy and I didn’t have enough time to write. That being said, I have had these photos on my phone for quite some time, and want to get them up.


I’m one of those people who find the “cleansing” part of beauty, oddly satisfying. Specifically, ripping dead skin cells, baby hairs, and blackheads out of my body (Is that weird? Feel free to judge me, we all have our thing). For years I have tried various biore strips, DIY masks, and blackhead cleansers. All failures which have convinced me I have the pores of a bloodthirsty dragon.

Still, I continued to search for the remedy to my dull and clogged skin. I’m sure you have seen the DIY charcoal and glue mask floating around on YouTube. And perhaps like me, you felt simultaneously hopeful and skeptical that it would work without breaking the bank. So if you are still wondering, maybe my experience with the mask can help you decide to give it a try. *Disclaimer: My skin is on the dry side and non-sensative to most formulas*


After quite some time of searching for activated charcoal tablets (which my local Walmart and Walgreens always claimed to have in stock- the liars), my loving boyfriend decided to order some off Amazon for me. If you’re interested I ended up getting the 100 capsule count of “Natures Way Activated Charcoal Tablets” for 6.59 USD with prime shipping, and Elmer’s non-toxic glue (which I laying had around my house).

Many of the tutorials and reviews of this mask that I watched, applied the mask directly to the face. However, years ago I took a beauty and essential oil class where they stressed the importance of steaming the face before applying masks to allow for the pores to open up fully; increasing the results of the mask. You could take a hot shower and then apply the mask, but I just filled up a bowl with hot water and steamed my face with a towel; classic 1950s beauty routine style.

I believe this was with 2 capsules 

Because my boyfriend joined me in the mask, I used 3 tablets of charcoal and enough glue to get a dark gray consistency. If you are doing one full mask, I would say that 1 tablet may even be enough, you won’t be able to achieve a fully black mask since the glue is white. Once the mask is applied to your face, its practically a near black consistency anyway. Another thing the tutorials didn’t mention was the mess the charcoal tablets would create. So when breaking open the tablets, be careful and use a towel underneath your work area; one of the tablets exploded all over the place and got all over my shirt (which luckily came out after some blotting and a wash).

The mask took about 20 mins to dry on the boyfriend (who did not opt for a full face mask), and 40 mins for my full face mask to dry. I expected there to be a lot of pain when ripping it off, but neither of us thought it was too bad; definitely not like the videos portrayed. So if pain is something you’re worried about, just be sure to avoid your eyebrows and hairline when applying the mask.  Both of us were pleasantly surprised with the results of the mask; tons of baby hairs, white heads, blackheads, and dry skin did come off, leaving our skin baby soft.





Results without being zoomed in
Results without being zoomed in

For roughly $9 (using Elmer’s glue and Natures Way Charcoal) you could have up to 50 facials (if using 2 charcoal tablets a mask), or less if you have glue on hand. Which is significantly cheaper than the equal number of masks ypu could get from Lush, Ulta, or a one-time facial mask. I didn’t break out afterward, experience any rash or irritation (although I do not have sensitive skin), or have increased sensitivity to cleansers, makeup, or sunlight. The results speak for themselves. If you’re on the fence about trying this DIY mask, I would say to treat yourself and give it a go! Have a mini pamper session!

Have you tried the DIY charcoal glue mask? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow me for updates.


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